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Video Courses

We offer several video courses for development in various areas of mission. More courses coming soon!

PDF Resources

From assessments to leadership guides, you can download or print these helpful PDF resources.


Looking for something more tailored to your context? Check out upcoming webinars, intensives, and coaching opportunities.
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About the Underground

In the summer of 2006, about 50 of us left our traditional churches to form seven house-based church groups. We loved the Western church, but hoped for more than Sunday morning worship and middle-class Christianity.

Today, the Underground exists to empower communities to reach and serve the people who exist at the margins of the church as we know it. We believe that intimacy with God and commitment to His mission means prioritizing both those in poverty and those without knowledge of His saving grace. We also believe that discipleship of believers happens best and most significantly while obeying Jesus and following Him through mission —  therefore, we empower believers to seek the heart of God in prayer to know their unique calling, and to find a community where they can truly live it out. We then work to mobilize communities to meet the needs of the world around us, and to proclaim the good news of the kingdom.
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Developing local missionaries

We are based in Tampa, FL, and gather regularly to cultivate a strong missional family and develop local missionaries in our area. If you are interested in getting connected locally, see what we have upcoming in Tampa.

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Training & equipping leaders

We are continuing to look for new ways to serve and equip missionaries in Tampa in beyond. Stay tuned for new resources and more upcoming opportunities for you and your microchurches and communities.

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