A course led by jon dengler

Walking with the Poor

Join us as we explore how to walk with the poor as Jesus did.
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About This Course

There are many who believe a concern to the poor is specific to certain people. It isn’t uncommon to come across the idea that caring for, empowering, and walking with the poor is reserved for people who feel a call to “mercy ministries.” This idea is toxic to the way Jesus intended his church to behavior and it betrays every believer’s ethic. A decision to follow Jesus is also a decision to care for the poor. The bible is saturated with this truth, most of all int he life of Jesus himself. Somewhere along the way, we have come to believe these ideas and it’s sabotaging God’s intention for our lives.

It is imperative that we being to discover God’s heart for the poor and his care for them. We must look at scripture, the life of Jesus, and the history of the church and see how we are called to stand on the side of those who are oppressed, forgotten, marginalized, and silenced. We must challenge our assumptions and revisit the core concepts and definitions as we consider and think about the poor. This course attempts to server as a first step in the pursuit of knowing, love, and learning from the poor.

Join us as we explore how to walk with the poor as Jesus did.

This course is for anyone who is following Jesus and would like to begin to understand God’s heart for the poor and his call on every believer’s life to walk along side them. You’ll be offered many different ideas that will challenge and reshape your paradigm about poverty and our role with those who are poor. If you’re looking to lay a new foundation concerning those who are poor and our ethic with them, and as one of them, this class is for you.

Throughout this course, you will:

  • Consider new definitions and core concepts as to who is poor, and what our role is among them (us)
  • Hear different passages of scripture and stories from church history to help understand the poor
  • Explore the assumptions we have concerning the poor and our call to them
  • Be offered a seat at the table with the poor to learn from them and walk with them

Your Instructor:

Jon Dengler

Jon Dengler is the executive director The Well, a local non-profit comprised of a community of people committed to living in direct relationship with the materially poor. The Well, based in Tampa, seeks to meet needs and provide support for the poor, to accomplish the vision of, "Needs met, bridges built, a city made whole.” To support this vision, The Well has created their first social enterprise, WellBuilt Bikes, which refurbishes and sells bicycles. The profit from these bikes goes directly into their "earn a bike" program, which provides bikes for the poor in turn for community service.
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