A Course Led by Jane Stephens

Inner Healing Prayer

How to pray with someone for restoration and redemption
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About This Course

Because traumas and abuses of every kind are so pervasive in our world, I believe that most of us need inner healing...healing for our soul. Inner healing prayer is not some mysterious type of prayer that only a few select people can do. It does not require any high and lofty college degree. It requires a heart that is open to running to Jesus with our friends and those we minister to, as they tell Jesus about the hurts they have suffered...to their hearts, their souls and their minds, as well as their bodies.

My hope is that everyone who participates in this course will be encouraged to believe that Jesus is calling them to be prayer warriors. And that if they just have the courage to take one step at a time to care for others by running with them to Jesus, Jesus will be faithful to do what only He can do. He will heal the wounded hearts that come to him. And He will let us “get to” be a part of what He does by caring for others in this simple, yet profound, way.
We are at war! The enemy is not flesh and blood...we cannot see the real enemy. But...we are on the winning side...Jesus’s side! Will you take your place on the battle line?

Who this course is for:
Each of us is called to love others and make disciples as Jesus did. Inner healing prayer is another way that we can live out this calling on our lives as believers in Jesus Christ. This course is for everyone who identifies that those they are in relationship with need love and care from past hurts...but feels inadequate and ill equipped to help them. The truth is, we just need to run to Jesus with them. My hope is that this course will give tools...and also some courage...to those who feel this call to care. And that many will begin to love others in this life-giving way.
What you'll learn in this curriculum:

The course is divided up into topics. Some of the topics we will cover are:

  • What are some of the reasons a person would need inner healing prayer?
  • What character qualities are required to lead another person in inner healing prayer?
  • How do we create an environment that makes a person feel safe and willing to share their deepest pain and shame?
  • What is involved in interviewing someone to get basic information and to assist them in processing their hurts...to get to the underlying core issues that Jesus wants to heal?
  • Suggestions for how to respond to someone who shares painful and shameful things
  • Emotions and the value of expressing them and what to do with them
  • Definitions of wounding issues
  • The invaluable role of forgiveness in the healing process...and what it looks like to forgive others, God and ourselves and what true repentance looks like
  • The invaluable role of grieving in the healing process
  • Soul ties, what that term means and God’s power to break ungodly soul ties that we have allowed to form in our relationships
  • Why some people do not seem to heal...what that might mean

Your Instructor:

Jane Stephens

Jane describes herself as "a woman who has experienced first hand the power of Jesus to heal the wounds of childhood sexual abuse." She and her friend and co-leader, Karen, began Unveiled Ministries, Inc in 2006 and have been providing small group experiences for men and women to begin their own healing process since that time. She had her own healing process begin when she was 49 years old, and through that journey has learned a lot about the simplicity of inner healing prayer and the unspeakable power of Jesus to redeem his children. She has completed training with Ellel Ministries, USA, two courses on Inner Healing and Deliverance Ministry, and also two courses with Open Hearts Ministry. She also mentored under a local pastor who provided training in Inner Healing Prayer. Prayer ministry is what brings her the deepest joy and her hope is that Jesus will allow her the privilege of praying with others until she takes her final breath.
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