Funding Development

The basics to get you from no financial partners to fully funded

About This Course

There are times when God's calling means we need to be fully engaged in the workforce, acting as ambassadors in a more common work environment. When we receive this calling, we receive it with joy and respond in obedience, fully committing to the place God is moving us toward. However, there are times when God's call leads us into full time ministry and it becomes our responsibility to let the people of God's kingdom know what we're being ushered into. When this is the case, it is helpful to have some guidance as we take on the new role of raising support and sharing our calling with people.

There are a myriad of emotions that accompany the thought of raising support. Commonly, people feel a sense of fear and anxiety, maybe from the thought of asking for money, the thought of failing, the embarrassment they might bring into the new responsibility, the wrong feeling of now being a beggar, or any other number of reasons. Still, some others feel a sense of excitement or thrill as they consider the new task. Whatever the feelings associated with the idea of raising support, it is vital that we have the appropriate framework in place as we begin.


If you are in a ministry that calls you to raise your own support, either your entire support or partial, this class will help you develop and implement your funding strategy. The materials covered throughout the curriculum would be helpful for the missionary who is just starting out, as well as the mission who might want to refresh some of their thinking and and approach.


Throughout this foundational course, you'll walk through:

  • What a biblical paradigm of funding raising is
  • Some of the most common misbeliefs about raising support, and the truths to correct them
  • How to develop a list of people who would you could approach about raising support
  • How to make initial contact with people so as to get you into a personal meeting to ask for support
  • How to share what God has put on your heart and ask for support in a face-to-face meeting
  • A few ideas to keeping up with your new partners when they begin giving and supporting your work
  • You're welcome to look through the curriculum below and even preview the first two classes before enrolling.

Donor Engagement Tool
As part of this course, we'll give you an online tool specifically created to help you stay engaged with your donors. This tool will enable you to track your donors' pledges, interactions, and giving progress at a high level, giving you an always-up-to-date landscape of your donor engagement and follow-up.

Your Instructor

Jeremy Stephens

Jeremy Stephens is a trainer, strategic planner and communicator. Jeremy has previously served as the Associate Executive Director for the Underground Network in Tampa, FL, and now serves with Underground's International Movements Department. He has played a part in launching the movement and overseeing the training and development of the movement since its inception in the early 2000's. Jeremy and his wife, Jessica, with his four kids live in Tampa's inner-city, Ybor, and lead a house church where they work to see multiplying missional communities spread and advanced all throughout the city. 
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