The groundwork elements to understanding your walk with Jesus

About This Course

When setting off to build any structure, it is most important to be sure your foundations are laid firmly and accurately. If the foundation isn't level and square, then the rest of the building doesn't stand a chance at any sort of durability or longevity. So it is with our life in Jesus. It is vital to get a good start and to take to heart the 'elementary' ideas of the faith. To deal with these ideas with an impatient attitude will only serve to hurt in the long run. This course will cover some of the basic ideas that we consider to be foundational to your development.

We built this curriculum with a couple different people in mind. The first person is someone who might have just recently given their life to Jesus. We hope this curriculum would give them a good springboard experience as they begin to deepen their relationship with Jesus. The second person we had in mind was someone who might be curious about Christianity and wants to know more of the central ideas that shape who are as believers. This course will allow you to consider and hear stories that will illustrate some of the main concepts that Jesus exemplified and taught. And the third person we had in mind is any Christian who might want to sit again in those beautiful and refreshing ideas.
So truly, this course could be beneficial and helpful for just about everyone.


This course is meant to be spread out over the course of ten weeks. You're welcome to work at your own pace, but we hope you take your time and give each session the attention it needs. You'll find a bible study, video, book excerpt and an 'actionable' idea to help you live this all out. By the end of it you will have:
  • Studied 10 different topics vitally important to the Christian faith
  • Heard from 10 different teachers illustrating and commenting on these topics
  • Taken steps to grow in your faith and make these ideas a part of your life
  • Read excerpts on each topic
  • Been empowered and equipped to go out and help others journey through these topics, too

It's best to work through this material with a small group, but it is also accessible to anyone learning alone.
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